Hello, and thanks for viewing

My home is in the south of Hampshire in the UK, and having retired early from work in advertising and IT, I now spend much of my time on what has become a passion, creating digital imagery.

For me, photography is about the personal interpretation of a scene rather than the creation of a record. When photography is practised as an art form there are no rules. The aim is to try and create a memorable image that does justice to the subject and hopefully engages other viewers.

About the images
The galleries contain a selection of images most of which are from around the UK, with some from further afield.
There are many coastal subjects, which especially lend themselves to black and white conversion, and the long exposure techniques I favour. Greatly inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, many here are minimalist in composition with the long exposures creating an ethereal harmony between sky and sea.

Primarily drawn to the simplified beauty of black & white, there are times when a little colour can be important to the subject. However, colour can sometimes have just too much impact and the subtlety of a subject can be lost in the overall challenge to appreciate all the hues. An alternative is to use muted or minimal colour treatments which can help tell the story while still enhancing contrast and character.
The old boat, titled Respect, is an example of this. The rusty hull and the yellow of the funnel, speak so much of the abandonment and rich past of the old ferry, that this colour is too crucial to the story for it to be completely absent.

The, ever growing, artwork galleries demonstrate my enthusiasm for model making and more recently CGI 3D work. And due to the diminishing appeal of travel, the later has now become my main creative focus.

All of the images attempt to offer a different way of viewing the commonplace, to reveal the subject in a unique way, to celebrate it, with the minimum of distractions.