A few of the finished Small World projects.

All are photographed in a miniature 'studio', complete with background cove and water stage.
Water is simply coloured and a fog-machine used if needed.
Obviously a lot of work is then done in post where additional elements might be added to backgrounds.

The very first of these little projects featured a favourite subject, the Japanese torii.

The first attempt
based on the Shirahama Beach torii
Next a little more elaborate.
Based on the Shirahige-Jinja, in Lake Biwa.
Colour reveals a little more detail
And then it snowed!

Next, a model based on a much photographed diving platform that can be found in Lake Geneva.
Then last year's project featured a boat house styled on the iconic Crawley Edge boat shed in Perth Australia.
A number of versions were made and not all have been shown elsewhere.

Again distant hills added in post
High water
Lower water in blue
High contrast black version
Side view. Two models were made, this a complete shed, the others just a front facade.

Current build back to work in progress.