Project: Fishing hut - Part 1 (the model build)

Home This year's 'small' project will be my take on the popular fishing hut. Inspired by the French carrelets and the ramshackle huts in the Venice Lagoon.

And I begin with a bush! In an effort to give a more natural look to the pier pillars, miniature posts are made from the woody stems of my escallonia shrub.

These posts need to be long enough to allow for a variety of 'tide' heights and are attached to the deck using aluminium wire as simple dowels.

The source, looking a bit sad
after having its best stems harvested
Adding lots of posts to the deck
Ladder assembly
ready for attachment

The deck is built from strip wood & hardboard, topped with boards all made from craft sticks.
A variety of fencing sections are made to represent that 'added and patched up over time' feel
and all given a suitable 'weathered' paint job.

The platform on which to build
Adding the simple derrick
A few of the deck edging components

The main element, the hut, needed the 'destressed' look and had to have a simple strong shape
that would work from various viewpoints.
The shell of the hut is made from separate layers of cardboard with a wood top and corner supports.
Many different materials were tried to fashion the corrugated tin roof, but some fluted plastic worked best.

Hanging the curtains
Corrugated card sliced through
it's core is good for rough walls
Same technique with plastic
to produce the 'tin' roofing

Not complete yet but most of the elements are now in place.

Part 2 showing how the final arrangement is installed into the water stage.